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Putting the Spotlight on Our Speakers

Are you hosting an event and need a keynote speaker?

Are you a speaker looking to spread your message and expand your network?

The Standout Stars Speakers Bureau™ is here to support you with the right tools and resources that make it easy!

The Core DNA of
The Standout Stars Speakers Bureau:




If you take one strand and say it’s the Event Planners, the Meeting Planners, the Producers, and the Stage Mangers, these are the people who are looking for speaker talent.

Then we take the other strand and this is the talent who is looking for stages, podcasts, conferences, and radio/tv speaking opportunities.

We work to find the perfect connection between client and speaker to bring opportunities that would not be otherse available.

The Standout Stars Speakers Bureau hosts a collection of speakers and event management professionals that combine their knowledge and networking expertise to facilitate the creation of platforms and opportunities for speakers, authors, healers, and coaches.


Get Speaker Ready LIVE 3-Day Event Mastermind

3-Day High Energy LIVE Event in Austin, TX
March 2023

Featuring gifts and insights from a hand-chosen group of experts who have coached thousands and been featured on some of the largest physical and virtual stages in the world. At this event, you walk away with Clarity of your Mission, Vision, Value, and Goals.  You know your hero’s journey and your archetype.  You master your Signature and your Speake to Sell Presentation. We bring in the best Sponsors and Guest Speakers and you get the tools, resources, and tech that is used to make your speaking career succeed.  We are limiting the number of attendees to ensure high value for all participants so do not wait.

week of kindness and gratitude summit

Week of Kindness and Gratitude Summit

January 15-21, 2023


The 5th Week of Kindness and Gratitude Summit with over 4500 combined attendees in this exciting event!
This is the premier event for industry leaders, speakers, authors, healers and coaches all coming together to grow their influence, build their list, and be seen as the go-to expert in their field. 

Standout Stars Week of Kindness and Gratitude Summit!

This is Your Opportunity to Participate in the Speaking Event of the Season!

January 15-21, 2023

Featured Speakers

Event Planners:

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