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“Our mission is simple: we help undiscovered experts step out of the shadows and into the spotlight.”

Join The Standout Speakers Bureau Founders Club

What Is The Standout Stars Speakers Bureau?

The Standout Stars Speakers Bureau is a database of personalities from diverse fields such as politics, sports, business, television, and comedy. The speaker bureau team initiates the introduction between speaker and client and supports both parties from the primary stages of making contact throughout the booking and logistics process. Clients requiring speakers are usually businesses, corporations, charities, educational or public institutions. A speakers bureau helps clients and speakers negotiate speaking fees; payments awarded to an individual for speaking at a public event. This fee is usually set by the speaker or the speaker’s agent. Logistics can be dealt with by the speaker’s bureau, like fees, transport, accommodations, and timing, or communication between speaker and client.

Who can be a Member of Speakers Bureau

Founders Club?

The Emerging

They are trying to find their footing, their purpose, their story, their talk.  They don’t have the tools, headshots, landing pages, Social Media presence, speaker bios, speaker media kits. Don’t’ have a community and are struggling to find the right mentor.

The Experienced

They may have a mentor, a coach, already invested in a program or two, they may have an introduction, signature talk, bio, landing page, website, funnels
Experienced speakers often find they are having more trouble advancing to where they want to be or standing out from many other people in their industry. They may already have a course and have appeared on a couple of podcasts or summits.

The Expert

Has all the above and is getting ready for their TEDx and the experts have the experience and the acclaim but often want to find a motivated and engaged group to share it with.  They need an agent or if they are already making $5k per month speaking they need an agent and help negotiating and identifying the right stages.

What Do I Get When I Join The Founders Club?



Weekly Facebook LIVE Interviews

Monthly Facebook interviews you can use when you feel ready to promote your product, service, and upcoming event. This presentation will be recorded and sent to members for future use.


Speakers Bureau Profile

Our Online Speaker Bios are designed to give members a new way to share their expertise and a place to promote their topics.


Speakers Bureau App

Allows you to promote and get in contact with event planners and fellow coaches  from your mobile device to create promotions or JV to create shows that grow your audience.


Week of Kindness and Gratitude Gift Page Listing

Our Week of Kindness App gives attendees easy access to your lead magnet which helps with both reach and brand recognition by bringing your products right to their pockets.


Two Week Of Kindness Speaking Spots Per Year

Members will receive the opportunity for two 30 minute interviews during the Signature Program Week of Kindness & Gratitude event which garnered over 1000+ attendees per event.


Standout Stars Weekly Open Office Hours

Members get to attend the Standout Stars Open Office Q&A Sessions weekly.



Standout Stars Hot Seat and Experts Panel Monthly Mastermind Calls

Members receive  Online Group Coaching Sessions with Hot Seats and 1 on 1 Strategy Sessions


Get Stage Ready LIVE 3 DAY Event

Members receive special member-only rates on tickets to the LIVE 3 Day Event where they deliver their presentation from a Vegas Stage.  You will learn how to command the stage, record your talks, produce your intro reels, sizzle reels, and presentations while enjoying the pampering touch of our professional hair and makeup artist, personal assistants, tv, and film directors, and experts in the production and stage crews. ($4997 for Non-Members)


Get Speaker Ready LIVE 3 DAY Event

Members receive special member-only rates on tickets to Live 3 Day Event in Austin, Texas.  You get the opportunity to craft, record, learn how to speak to sell, and practice speaking from the stage ($4997 for Non-Members)


Power Pitch Tune Up Workshop

Practice and refine your talk on this 1 Day Pitch Workshop where you work with our experts to make your pitch-perfect.  Learning how to properly pitch is one of the most important skills a founder needs to develop. It allows them to find investors, attract great co-founders, recruit the best employees, and ultimately fine-tune their idea.

Make sure you learn this skill BEFORE attending Joint Venture and Affiliate Events.


Speaker Ready Certification

Signifying members completed the Program and marking you as ready to event managers in our network ensures you look your best.


Special Members Only Pricing to

Radically Simple New Coaching Platform Make You More Profitable & More Efficient!

Personal Invitation to Speakers Playhouse

The Best 90 Minutes of Your Week!  Wonderful experiences to be had in this one of a kind adrenaline shot!

There is a one-time initial payment of $297

Get Speaker Ready LIVE 3 Day Event Mastermind

3 Day High Energy LIVE Event in Austin, TX March ,2023

Featuring gifts and insights from a hand-chosen group of experts who have coached thousands and been featured on some of the largest physical and virtual stages in the world. At this event, you walk away with Clarity of your Mission, Vision, Value, and Goals.  You know your hero’s journey and your archetype.  You master your Signature and your Speake to Sell Presentation. We bring in the best Sponsors and Guest Speakers and you get the tools, resources, and tech that is used to make your speaking career succeed.  We are limiting the number of attendees to ensure high value for all participants so do not wait.

Power Pitch Perfect

Power Pitch Perfect Workshop teaches you to master delivery and simplify your pitch so that it is memorable and effective. Work with Master Speakers and Presenters directly to fine tune your pitch and perfect your offer.

Speakers Bureau Profile™

This includes your headshot, speaker bio, lead magnet and contact as well as place to list upcoming events and opportunities for interviews.  These profiles and the events associated are then listed on our event page which is promoted three times a week to 10+  groups and over 4K members. By creating this paid profile and staying engaged you become a part of one of the speaking communities fastest growing social networks.

Ask the Experts Monthly Gathering

During Ask the Experts monthly gatherings, we bring you to the stage with a guest panel of recognized speakers.  This is an excellent tool for getting public feedback and raising awareness of your business in new industries. These sessions allow you to get valuable insights that can help to spark new ideas and reinvigorate your vision all while having fun and connecting with hundreds of viewers.  These sessions then become part of a series which allows you to continue to use the experience for promotion year round.

Membership Options

The Standout Stars

Speakers Bureau

is a virtual speaker showcase with an app that not only goes to event and meeting planners and my TV and Radio Show, and Podcast Producers who are looking for guests.  

Making Your Vision Come to Life


I love working with Toni and Standout Stars Speakers Bureau, she is a super star. She is committed and dedicated to seeing speakers succeed in getting their messages out in the world so we can make an impact and income as messengers.

Kelly Falardeau

"I’ve so enjoyed working with Toni Kaufman and her Standout Universe team during the last year. Participating in her Standout Stars Speakers Bureau has given me the opportunity to meet great new contacts, get my speaker information out there, and participate in two Week of Kindness & Gratitude Gift Giveaway and Summits. Toni has a heart of gold and she and her team always work hard to have the Standout Star Speakers shine!"

Carrie Vanston

I am absolutely Blown Away and Amazed by the Standout Stars Speaker's Bureau! The application process was quick and easy and they immediately put me into a speaking event with some of the top speakers and entrepreneurs in the world. The platform was nothing short of stellar with over 1,000 people registered globally. Their customer service and professionalism cannot be matched as they worked tirelessly for me around the clock to ensure my success. The graphics, promotional materials and video presentation they created for me would have cost me over $10,000 anywhere else. The Standout Stars Speaker's Bureau including CEO Toni Kaufman and the entire brilliant team of this organization has my undying gratitude. I highly recommend them to all entrepreneurs, business professionals, speakers and aspiring speakers. If I could describe them in two words it would be, Absolute Genius! Thank you for helping me take my business to the next level through speaking and for making me a Standout Star!

Dee Collins – CEO

Success Creation Academy, Inc.


The Standout Stars Speakers Bureau is the most complete and comprehensive, once in a lifetime opportunity place to meet and greet with the most incredible people that are already stand out and shine as a star on their own.. and give you a chance to share in their Spotlight and amplify everybody's radiance! What an incredible place what an incredible group of people to be a part of!

Natan Verkhowsky

Standout Stars Speakers Bureau offered me the opportunity to really thrive in the competitive speaking market by helping me grow my list and create professional content.

James Lam